President's Message

I should like to welcome you to The Dolphin Society and our website. Our sole objective as a charity is to support the elderly and disabled in Bristol to live independently and safely in their own homes. 

To be asked to become President of The Dolphin Society for 2017/2018 was a great honour and I took the role on for a very personal reason: as a tribute to my beloved Aunty Muriel. Aunty Muriel was a very caring and loving lady who supported me through my University days in Birmingham and was always there for me. She lived in her own home pretty much up until the day she died, thanks, in some part, to the security of a pendant alarm which gave both her and her family peace of mind that if we weren't close by she had support if she needed it. 

Through our partnership with WE Care and Repair, pendant alarms are just one of the services we can offer, alongside small yet vital home adaptations and repairs that just make life easier and less stressful for our clients.

We have also recently launched a new Home Assessment and Modification Service; a pilot scheme offered to at-risk patients registered at one of five GP practices in Bristol. These are people who have had a fall or are at risk of, or fear, falling who are referred to WE Care and Repair by their GP.  

I am continuing our commitment to and support for the Older People’s Alliance which comprises a number of local agencies and funds with the aim of carrying out a comprehensive review of the current needs in the community resulting from the dramatic reduction in public funding.  It will then encourage partnerships to meet these needs more effectively and monitor and assess how effective the funding has been.

Alongside this, we are supporting a number of new causes such as The Marmalade Trust who offer Christmas lunches to the lonely during the festive season. We also supported the Senior Citizens Liaison Team, who were in need of a new laptop for their crime prevention presentations that they provide for thousands of older adults. I will post regular updates about projects throughout the year.  

During my run-up year with Immediate Past President, John Hollingdale, I had the privilege of visiting a number of people who we support through our various partnerships and was struck by how much they valued and needed that support.

I can see that in a time of change and ongoing cuts to essential services how much more our services will be needed going forward and how important it is for all of us to help our fellow kin.  We currently support over 400 people to be able to live independently and this number is growing.

Our success is down to a whole team of committed individuals without whom we could not make the difference we do. I would like to specifically thank John Holllingdale for all his support during the past year as well as all of the committee and members who have made me feel warmly welcomed and blessed in my move to this role. All of the committee are volunteers who seek to give back to the local community alongside their own day-to-day commitments.

I also want to personally thank our Administrator Sean Hollinswaite who works tirelessly behind the scenes for the benefit of all our recipients.  Hers is the kind, caring voice on the phone when an enquiry comes in to us.

And lastly, I would like to thank you, the reader, without whose support we could not exist as a charity. I look forward to meeting many of you and working with you during my year as President.

Thank you for reading my welcome message and I hope you will join me in supporting this charity in the months and years to come.

I look forward to honouring Aunty Muriel’s name in my year of office.

With very best wishes