Pendant Alarms

The Dolphin Society supplies pendant alarms free of charge to older and disabled people in the Bristol area who are on very low incomes but who do not qualify for local authority support. The user can press the button on the alarm in case of emergency and be immediately connected via a powerful microphone and loudspeaker through the telephone system to the Bristol Careline.

For further information or to apply for an alarm, please contact Sean Hollinswaite, telephone 0117 9299649.

Home Security

We have introduced a new service for our Careline Clients: we offer to fit a key safe so that carers or emergency services can gain access to the house with a key stored in a secure safe protected by a PIN number.  At the same time, the front door lock is replaced if necessary and other safety features fitted, such as 'magiplugs' to prevent the bath or sink overflowing.

We also routinely install a big button telephone where a client does not have a telephone or where a change from the existing phone would make life easier.

Case study

Douglas Havens, a retired tugboat captain, slipped off the edge of his bed while putting his pyjamas on one night.  He laid on the floor for nearly 5 hours and eventually managed to crawl across to knock on his neighbour's wall.  Luckily, his neighbour heard him and managed to gain entry by smashing Mr Haven's front door glass.  As a result of this incident, Mr Havens asked the Dolphin Society if we could fit a pendant alarm.  He says 'Having the alarm gives me peace of mind.  I know if I was to fall again, I would be able to get help quickly.