Pendant Alarms

The Dolphin Society supplies pendant alarms free of charge to older and disabled people in the Bristol area who are on very low incomes but who do not qualify for local authority support. The user can press the button on the alarm in case of emergency and be immediately connected via a powerful microphone and loudspeaker through the telephone system to the Bristol Careline.

For further information or to apply for an alarm, please contact Sean Hollinswaite, telephone 0117 9299649.

Case studies:
Mrs Y was prompted to get a pendant alarm after two falls, the first on a zebra crossing while she was out shopping with her son and the second in her own living room.  She recalls stumbling and despite her unsuccessful knee replacements and painful arthritis she was forced to crawl around the room in an attempt to find a means to pull herself up.
“I was in such pain – I thought am I going to have to be like this all day going around and around…?” 

Since having her pendant alarm she feels safe in her own home.

Mrs S –“ I couldn’t move and I got through straight away”

78 year old angina sufferer, Mrs S felt quite fit until two or three years ago when her blood pressure “went through the roof” and she started having mini-strokes. As she explained: “things come on you all of a sudden”.She had her Dolphin-funded pendant alarm installed on a Thursday in April, and as she said: “You’ve done miracles for me – after 2 days I had to use it!” Only the following Sunday she collapsed with what she took to be a heart attack. Medical help arrived swiftly and after a visit to hospital she was soon back at home awaiting the results of tests.

P - “Help got here so quickly. You are saving lives…I’d love to shout from the rooftops about what you do!”

Great- grandmother P, being born with damaged heart valves and having suffered rheumatic fever as a child; has endured ill health throughout her life.  She laughingly describes herself as a ‘hospital socialite’ regularly visiting both heart and lung specialists.
When alone she struggles to move around her flat due to her breathlessness. She recounted one occasion when she needed help: “I was in a desperate position. I couldn’t talk – I pressed the button and Careline did the rest. Without that service I don’t think I’d be here.

R – “The biggest change in my life is being able to call for help”

A proud, independent ex-military man, R wears his alarm on his wrist. Following an accident after leaving the Army, R suffered an inoperable spinal injury resulting in severe mobility problems. R is, in his own words, “a stubborn Scot who felt slightly reluctant to think I needed help. “ However, it was pointed out to him that if he fell when he was alone in the house, he would be unable to get to the phone. His decision to apply for Dolphin’s assistance was vindicated just a few weeks after having the unit installed when he fell and needed hospitalisation. In R’s own words: “It saved my life”.