Future Plans

 The success of our 2016 Appeal allows us to be involved in the ‘Home Assessment and Modification Service’ a pilot scheme offered to at-risk patients registered at one of 5 GP practices in Bristol. These are people who have had a fall; are at risk of, or fear, falling who are then referred to WE C&R by their GP.

Occupational Therapist, Bethany Smith  is currently working 2 days a week on this new project.

“I really like doing this work because I see so many people in hospital after a fall – if you can see ways to prevent it that’s so much more beneficial. Getting to them before that point; reducing the risk of something bad happening – that feels really positive.”

Bethany Smith, Home Assessment and Modification Service’ Occupational Therapist

The Dolphin Society supports The Marmalade Trust

Helping the lonely at Christmas

“We were delighted to support The Marmalade Trust in their Christmas Day lunch scheme. Our charity provides support for the elderly and disabled in need and we have seen first-hand the impact of loneliness and how this can be even more devastating during an extended holiday and festive period. We are very pleased to be working with The Marmalade Trust to help provide Christmas day lunches and a social event for those in need – everyone should have somewhere to go and someone to talk to during the holiday season”

Vanessa Moon President of the Dolphin Society (2017/2018)

"Marmalade Trust are very grateful for the support received from the Dolphin Society.  We are taking 135 people who would otherwise be on their own, out this Christmas Day, across 9 venues in the Bristol region.  This donation will help us to provide the lunch, transport and gift hamper to the guests free of charge.  Thank you" 

Amy Perrin, Founder, Marmalade Trust

Photos from the Marmalade Christmas Day lunch scheme

Marmalade Christmas meal Marmalade Christmas meal Marmalade Christmas meal

"Meeting new friends and enjoying a fantastic lunch with company. My volunteer was extremely kind and I was made to feel safe in every way"


"The food was very good and I enjoyed the company. It is really lovely to have somewhere to go and people to be with on Christmas Day"


Senior Citizen Liason Team (SCLT)


"To be able to support the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Charity (SCLT) with their protective, crime-prevention services is something that our charity feels very passionate about. It is unfortunate that in today’s society it is common for our older residents to experience wrongdoing and fraud from the hands of heartless criminals. Therefore, by highlighting the importance of educating the most vulnerable members of our community, SCLT are able to have their services accessible to tens of thousands of vulnerable older adults."

Vanessa Moon President of the Dolphin Society (2017/2018)

"We are a small charity who aim to punch very much above our weight, in respect to the impact that we make in the senior safety field. We are therefore deeply grateful to The Dolphin Society for this very generous grant, which has allowed us to purchase some very much needed, state-of-the-art equipment for our Public Presentation Team. It means that we will be able to deliver our fraud prevention presentations to even more vulnerable and elderly citizens in the years to come."

Ashley Jones Chair of Trustee Team and Lead Volunteer for SCLT

Bristol Older People's Funding Alliance

The Bristol Older People’s Funding Alliance will award transformation grants of up to £15,000 to organisations that deliver vital services to older people in the local area, such as those that tackle loneliness and isolation.

“We are delighted to be part of this joint initiative, which aligns perfectly with our charitable objectives to support the elderly and disabled in Bristol to live independently and safely in their own homes. It is also a great opportunity for all the societies to work together with the sole aim of helping worthwhile projects become more sustainable.”

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Vanessa Moon President of the Dolphin Society (2017/2018)

BS3 Community, Southville Centre

Vanessa Moon visited the Monday Club at the Southville Centre where she was able to meet Simon Hankins and Ruth Green as well spend some time with the members. She also brought them some lovely cakes which were enjoyed!